“You cannot hope to be found until you realize you are lost. 

We are here to evolve our spirit and soul. (Full Stop!)”



          The introduction of massive amounts of technology over a relative short timeline has created social constructs that we are only barely able to understand much less address in current times. Herein is a presentation that seeks to provide answers to these questions and provide a guideline for making substantive changes in our social structures to both understand and address these problems, both as they exist now and as they will persist in the future.

The industrial revolution has provided mankind with safety and security, as well as covertly imperiled the individual and collective survival ability. Technology is racing to solve this problem, but it cannot solve the problem alone. We must reach back into ancient history and pull forth the lessons of early man with respect to their relationship to the earth. History needs to stop repeating itself, especially in a destructive manner never previously seen on earth.

          This planet has specific elements and energy designs that are fashioned by our Creator to serve both our spirits and souls. However, to fully comprehend these unique elements and energy designs, we have to set ourselves outside of them and engage with them on their terms as opposed to our terms. The mistake mankind has made is that we have assumed that we own and can take possession of anything on this planet and do anything with it that we desire. This very primary and basic assumption has led us into situations that appear to have no solutions. We have literally become lost spiritual beings, maybe even angels, in a strange world with little understanding of how we got here, why we are here, and where we need to go.

          Until we come to terms with the complete and full understanding of the planet upon which we reside, we will continue to remain a colony of lost souls.  We seriously need to divert resources from our addiction to the weaponization of our wisdom and predatory behavior towards our environment into developing an intimate engagement with our soul and its relationship with Mother Earth. Herein is the argument to support this theory.

Surrounding us in every direction and in every way, throughout the Universe, to the extent that we can imagine it, is a massive configuration of energy that for simplicity’s sake, and without insulting any particular religion or spiritual path, I will label as “The Greater Intelligence.” This massive configuration of atoms and molecules extends over infinite distances that the human mind can only faintly comprehend or organize. Throughout our evolution we have chosen to label this Greater Intelligence as God, Great Spirit, Creator, Allah, etc. In whatever dialect, language, culture, or religious text you choose to view this massive energetic movement of atoms and molecules, we all are a part of the same atomic, cosmic energetic matrix. The very atomic and molecular structure of our human energy construct mimics this massive energetic matrix on both a micro and macro level. We are fashioned, and we function, just as these billions of universes and galaxies do that surround our sun and this planet on a very real basis. Because of the lack of attention to our spirits and souls, we have only the slightest knowledge and insight with regards to this energy presence. We have to re-organize our priorities as humans seeking to understand our souls from the viewpoint that we can only “survive” this stay on this planet to one that nourishes and flourishes our soul’s self-realization and its purpose within this Greater Intelligence.

          To begin, let’s get a basic understanding down. Organic Intelligence (OI), within the context of this book, is defined as a system of natural multidimensional energetic patterns that currently exist in nature to assist in the atoms-to-atoms evolution of mankind’s soul. It is a system of interlaced and multifaceted energetic designs that the Creator put in place to assist with the atoms-to-atoms engagement with our spirits and their movement into and beyond spiritual maturation. It is a system that has always been in place, but which a majority of mankind has never experienced. Therefore, it is a subject that has very little understanding and lots of false narratives associated with it. And, it is one that is very difficult to describe unless you have actually experienced it. What is most important when attempting to understand Organic Intelligence, within the context of this book, is that it is an Intelligence and consciousness that is greater than you and I on both an individual and collective basis. You may attempt to own it by assigning any number of names you have imagined to it, but you do not own it, and your attempts to do so only harm yourself. One may possess it in brief, momentary interludes as one becomes accustomed to its presence, but the moment you attempt to own and possess it by weaponizing it, you bring damage and chaos down on yourself. It is here to serve you, the planet, and all of its children (plant, animal, mineral, human). In order to fully understand Organic Intelligence, humans must develop a system that they can integrate into their present state of abstract existence and shift their perceptions from the fulfillment of their material, mammon obsessed lives towards a more organic minimalistic consuming culture. With regards to their relationship with this Greater Intelligence, we must institutionalize our engagement with Organic Intelligence into all cultures. Herein is my argument for the support of a massive effort to alter the complete structure of the human existence on this planet through turning our resources and conscious focus towards understanding and expanding our soul’s knowing of itself.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), again in the context of this book, is the

mental, reactionary, rationalizations of mankind’s evolving attempt to understand Organic Intelligence and project his/her interpretations of it into the collective consciousness through predatory behavior, domination, weaponization, and a materialistic, mammon worshiping culture. Pretty much all Artificial Intelligence reflects the dimensional state of Organic Intelligence in its technology and organizational functions. It is a false cosmology that man has fashioned to try and dominate and substitute an intellectual status of limited scope with semantics, belief systems, institutions, and theories that cannot ever hope to meet or overcome the benefits to the soul of Organic Intelligence. The trick at hand is to find a way to survive by acknowledging both of these important human characteristics and finding a way to merge each into our lives in a balanced manner. It serves no sustainable purpose to cast guilt, blame, and shame on others for the lack of one’s nourishment of the soul and attempt to construct more and more false cosmologies of Artificial Intelligence in pursuit of an abstract truth. The self-righteous approach to man’s salvation as being only one and one path only is and will always be a false narrative built upon the rotting foundations of other Artificial Intelligence based theories and theologies.

Unfortunately, at this stage of our evolution on this planet, we have bought into the sales pitch that Artificial Intelligence and its reliance on false narratives and superficial dogma will provide mankind all that it needs, wants, and desires. We are unwittingly facing a future of disastrous consequences from the accumulation of one false narrative on top of another until a collapse of all systems results from our unwillingness to see and accept the truth of the Organic Intelligence that surrounds us at all times. As the systems that we have relied upon for ages continue to strain and break down under the load of these compounding false narratives, we will have to radically and immediately seek out alternative solutions. We can continue to operate out of crisis mode solutions or we can admit the imbalances that we have constructed and

work to correct them in short order.

Writing a book that has as its basis a comparison of two different levels of intelligence on the planet, one of which very few people understand and fewer have experienced, certainly has its limitations and challenges. Coupled with this realization is the self-aware understanding of the vital importance of the how and why mankind needs to come to its senses with the environment within which it exists…and very soon. So, there is almost a deadline and ticking clock with regards to the survival of our species, or most certainly a portion of our species, that pushes me to try and find the words and descriptions to adequately portray this complex situation in layman’s terms. If that isn’t enough, the challenges to our long-held belief systems and institutionalized methods of management of the human construct on this planet will be quite evident and difficult for the reader to digest. The importance of shifting the priorities of mankind away from the false narrative of current conditions and into an intimate relationship with the

presence of God’s Creation as it currently exists, and how it is going to soon become even more present, drives me to complete this essay with as much clarity as possible.

For simplicity’s sake, I will state that I have no allegiance to any particular form of religion as it exists in today’s world. I have an extensive background in the ways of the Twisted Hair Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Teachings of Turtle Island, the lineage of teachers about whom Carlos Castaneda wrote, and I have an on-going relationship with The Divine Order of Melchizedek, a council of spirit beings who exist within the spirit world of the Greater Intelligence and with whom I have communicated with since around 1999. My allegiance, if we need to establish that, is only to this planet and Her Children, upon whom a certain amount of limited dependence exists with the performance of the humans. My goal isn’t to push any religious dialogue, as I am not all that invested in the institutions as they currently exist. I believe that they have fallen into the grasp of the forces of Darkness and have radically departed from Grace and the proper management of this planet.

A primary tenant of this book will focus on how we relate to and manage our souls and spirits. It really isn’t rocket science to look around and see that we have failed miserably in this effort. If this offends any religious leaders or institutions, then I applaud that affect. There is a separation between our mental capacities and our energetic relationship with our spirits and souls that is growing even wider by the day. This is not the time to sit back and attempt to justify one’s historical dogmatic investments. It is time to unplug from our belief systems and refresh our inner programmable consciousness.

So, the effort in this book will be to call your attention to a very pressing situation–one of dire consequences with words seeking to bridge our belief systems together, and bundle them inside of a common thread of consciousness that needs to be rapidly understood and embraced. I will attempt to be kind and considerate in my presentation, but I will also have to apologize up front. I know the problems that currently exist and the expected consequences of these problems are looming. Because of the historical trend of man’s need to act out of crisis mode, I will engage a pressing demand with your own sense of danger and survival. Therefore, the tenses and semantics of this book may at times appear coarse and direct beyond the pale. The odds of survival on this planet in terms of human habitation have begun to radically decline. We have turned a blind eye from the true intent of this planet within the cosmic Universal mystery of the Creator and substituted our own egotistical, mammon obsessed animal instincts. There is a very fragile balance on this planet that exists for our spirits to use as a means of growing and expanding. As misguided lost souls, we have worked diligently to destroy it. No one can exclude himself or herself from this responsibility.

As far as the presence of Organic Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence on this planet, the struggles and conflicts of mankind are all locked inside of these two basic, yet seemingly competitive characteristics of the human experience. This is not a thesis on the left-brain versus right-brain facilities of mankind. Certainly, these facilities exist to serve both Organic Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. The scope of this book goes far beyond this simplistic knowledge. The presence of Artificial Intelligence is easy to observe because it is very physical and apparent. Organic Intelligence is much more abstract. It is in retreat, and difficult to find within an environment that is not pure enough to provide substantive awareness of it. In order for mankind to keep from forfeiting his and/or her future, these competing energetic patterns must be fully understood. Perceptions, choices, decisions, and actions in life must be properly allocated to avoid a future either consumed by hopelessness and despair or a future that comes to a sudden end. In my arrogant and pitiless manner, along with a wellspring depth of inner compassion, I shall attempt to deliver this message before I make my exit from this planet and kiss it goodbye for this visit. This is no longer my planet; it is yours.

I use the terms “arrogant and pitiless” with intent. You cannot hope to go up against a system that has managed to weaponize everything from “sex to Cheerios” and convince it that something is amiss by being timid, kind, and introverted. Even Jesus got pissed occasionally. You cannot hope to crack the armoring and weaponizing of the people who put personal gain and personal liberty over the acceptance of collective gain and collective liberty. People invest themselves into belief systems and set out to defend their territory on many levels, particularly out of the fear of physical survival disguised as entitlement. Some of the more ruthless defenders of their territory and rights of suffrage are those souls who are the most lost. Souls who are lost are full of anger and frustration. They tend to take out their angers and frustration on other souls and/or the systems that they believe created their lost and hopeless situations. When these souls explode and cause harm to others and/or themselves, the other lost souls shrug their shoulders and wonder aloud what could have possibly caused such a desperate act. This healing must begin now.

On the opposite side, there are those who have an inclination of some aspect of their soul’s purpose and have an inner calm that they would prefer to not disturb by being non-confrontational to other lost souls. They subscribe to the passive / aggressive attitude and approach of “I’m OK and You’re OK.” This is called a conundrum of gigantic proportions. It is a passive / aggressive complex that has confounded and confused man for millennia. It has also caused an explosion of theoretical, psychological, and religious practices that seek to solve this paradox without being willing to explore the true essence of the core problem. The work of repairing the wounds to our souls, the healing solutions for our souls, and the foundation for moving forward are not solely the responsibility of God or some other form of higher consciousness. It is our responsibility. God has already provided the laboratory within which we may find wholeness and completeness. It is called Organic Intelligence. If we want to deny its existence, don’t point the finger at God.

You cannot expect to find “salvation”, which by the way we should immediately incorporate into our vocabulary, through morality or grandiloquent, aureate, magniloquent verse. Morality and written philosophical perspectives are merely diverse reflections of Organic Intelligence. You have to actually experience Organic Intelligence and actively work to purify your spirit and soul from the imprints of the spiritually immature cultures that we have spawned through the decades. Salvation is the art of coming into alignment with Organic Intelligence and thereby earning the respect of the Universe. Salvation is defined as the “preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.” This is also another good definition of the function of Organic Intelligence. Organic Intelligence is the mirror of reflection of the Universe as expressed in our world and our engagement with it is the measure of our salvation. The Universe, as a conscious being, has the option to choose… just as does Organic Intelligence. The amount of respect and soul skills that you possess and exercise are directly proportionate to the attitude and approach that the Universe has with you. This is called salvation.

With the massive and overwhelming introduction of Artificial Intelligence through the rush towards technology and all of its empty and paradoxical false promises, there appears to me to be a window of opportunity in the minds of the younger ones who may just wake up and embrace Organic Intelligence. If this is true, then we have reached a milestone in the evolution of this planet and its sentient beings. It is my purpose to offer up herein an argument for the embrace of Organic Intelligence and the tailoring of Artificial Intelligence for the future of the young. It isn’t enough to camp in the outdoors, you need to know how to communicate with, engage with, and benefit from Organic Intelligence. Without this vital connection, you are simply a fish out of water in an outdoor setting.

This is not a book about the dangers of technology. It is obvious that technology is here to stay. I’m not so sure what the eventual case study will look like years down the road, but it is also obvious that the dangers and hidden agendas of the technology giants are beginning to surface, as are the damaging effects of technology addiction. There is a clear and present danger in the manipulative structures of the technology world and its instruments of addiction. More and more founders and early engineers of the technology world are starting to come forth to attempt to right a wrong. I listened to one of these “born-again” techie giants saying that we needed to turn the wheel back and remove the free access technology mantra with a pay-as-you-go format that removes the manipulative instruments of the current consumer / advertiser based format. So, I guess what he is saying is that we need to go to Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. and ask them to shave off billions of current profits and restructure their whole business model to a different format. Good luck with that! The only way that this is going to happen is if these business giants suddenly see people turning away in mass from their products. And tell me “millennials”, where will you go from there?

Additionally, the other day I saw a news report on Facebook where they are developing new technology that is going to separate the false, fake news customers from the truth. Really?  Well, good luck with that also. For every linear thinking action, there is one or several linear thinking responses. Corruption and moral decay have a long way to go before they are banished from our cultures because they no longer serve any purpose. You cannot solve one compounding problem with another compounding solution. They both are based on Artificial Intelligence and therefore subject to corruption.

The answer to this massive lurking problem for technology isn’t more Artificial Intelligence, in some other format; it is BALANCE. The continued marriage to Artificial Intelligence must be balanced off with a massive investment in the establishment of institutional programs based on the introduction, understanding, engagement with, and continued presence of Organic Intelligence in our cultures. This argument is what is being presented herein.

What is being presented herein is the need to balance one’s life out with Organic Intelligence as a means of keeping Artificial Intelligence healthy. At the end of the day, this is a planet about our souls and not about the habitual fascination with our bodies and minds. We are not here to worship mammon and drive ourselves into desperate ruin by neglecting the most sensitive and important aspect of our human construct. We must face this reality dead on, and begin acting like the angels that we actually are. For this to happen, a lot of addictive patterns are going to have to be dropped and changed. Some of these changes will be easy and some of them will be difficult. The realization of loss needs to be coupled with the realization of eventual gain. Short-term gain with long-term pain needs to be replaced with short-term pain for long-term gain. One doesn’t break addictions without some discomfort and one doesn’t achieve success in any endeavor without dedication, commitment, and discipline. Artificial Intelligence is addictive by its very nature and attraction.

Living your life with the knowledge of your soul’s fate and/or destiny is a very different life than most humans have experienced. Every human has a personal, sacred, planetary, and universal dream that his or her soul knows and seeks to live out during a physical incarnation. The fact that our religious and spiritual leaders are both ignorant of, and apparently lost to these controlled dreaming aspects of the humans, is a tragedy of major proportions. The fact that we live in a multidimensional world of shifting attentions and perceptions has also escaped their review. There is no need to go into all the malfeasances that have contributed to this problem. The list is too long and the arguments are too lame to be worthy of discussion. At the end of the day, either there is a system of energy present on this planet that nourishes our soul and helps us find meaningful purpose for this aspect of our human construct, or we are simply cogs in a mechanical system that is valueless and heading toward a dead end. Having the ability to develop and regain the memory of your soul, particularly when considering the consciousness of a majority of the world’s population, is going to take a very long time. However, if even a few addicts begin to put down their computers and phones, look into the stars, listen to the plants and crickets, then perhaps we can establish a beachhead and expand from there.

I realize that having been a practicing shaman for twenty-five plus years places me outside of the mainstream and places me into a unique position to view the world very differently from most. Apparently, it has historically been the odd man or woman out who has stepped forward to establish a new trend or trim the sails of this human condition in ways previously not considered. Putting forth this Organic Intelligence concept isn’t based on theory; it is based on experience. I have entered into these alternative worlds and measured the consequences and effects. These natural truths are self-evident to me and hopefully will become self-evident to you also. I hope this book helps you to make that effort.  Please enjoy.


Frank Stronghorse