Searching for the Soul of Tech Chapter 14 The Plan

Chapter 14 The Plan


Under the star bright sheen of the warm desert night, Denise moved toward Brandon with delicate, smooth motions. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear. “Trust me,” she softly blew into his ear. “Let me guide you into the Dream and show you the Universe.”

            Brandon and Denise had met at a workshop in Santa Monica in the spring of 1998. The workshop was about building intimate relationships and using this intimate bond to build a better life for you and your partner. Brandon had recently read a book about conquering his fears. He intuitively knew that going to some strange relationship-building workshop was going to press him into doing just that. At 34, he was tired of the dating game and wishing for a committed relationship from which he could build a life. His software company was slowly starting to take off and for the first time in his life he felt that he could financially afford to consider a family. Up until that spring, the risk that he felt in his life was keeping him from seriously considering any form of commitment other than the temporary. The feeling of being expendable had not escaped his awareness.

            Denise, on the other hand, was in a faltering marriage that wasn’t fulfilling and she was starting to question every aspect of her life. She traveled to Santa Monica from St. Louis to see if she could find a way to repair her relationship with her “absent-father husband.” He was constantly consumed with work and unable to be fully present with her or his children. She had tried to talk to him about it, but his temper would explode and they would end up yelling at each other. She had signed up for the workshop based on a recommendation of a close friend.

            Now, three years after that workshop, both Brandon and Denise were dating off and on and trying to explore and understand the new lifestyles that they both had adopted. Denise left her husband and Brandon continued to pursue her out of the inner knowing that this was the lady that he had always imagined would come into his life. The long distant relationship was tough on both of them, but there seemed to be something special between them that kept them coming back to each other.

            The techniques that they learned at the workshop had major impacts on their lives. Denise had gone through a difficult divorce and Brandon found himself in a completely different, internally calm space. Both he and Denise had religiously practiced the techniques they learned and it seemed to them that the differences in them were very noticeable. They talked incessantly on the phone about their energy and how their lives were seemingly evolving around completely different circumstances and priorities than they had held over the last decade.

            “Now, slowly expand your energy into the surrounding desert,” Denise softly directed Brandon. “Feel the plants, the rocks, the wind and the underground waters. Let the Mother embrace you and shower you with her love.” Brandon slowly exhaled and melted into Denise.

            Brandon and Denise were camped at Joshua Tree National Park. It was the first time for both of them to camp in the desert and they had heard all types of far out stories about Joshua Tree. They had hiked out into the desert and found a small canyon inside of towering red rock cliffs. Denise spread out a medicine blanket and they both disrobed and spent an hour or so staring into the brilliant Milky Way above them. As they ventured into the stars with their consciousness, the erratic energy of the city slowly was breathed into the ground below them. The cool detachment of a body encased in the chaos of the human world was slowly being replaced with the inner glow of their awareness of the energy of the Mother surrounding them. Methodically and deliberately, they breathed into the area between their navels and their first charka. As this spirit womb slowly filled with the warm embrace of the desert beings of Joshua Tree, they each individually moaned and stretched their bodies in an effort to fill up every cavity in their bodies with the loving energy they were feeling.

            This wasn’t the first time they had practiced this exercise together. At the beginning, Brandon was intimidated and confused about how to react. They had learned the sacred law that “Everything is born of woman and sparked by the masculine,” as well as “Do nothing to harm the children.” Neither of them had any clue what either sacred law meant, nor for that matter, what sacred laws were in the first place. They had to adopt a new way of seeing themselves and the world around them before they could actually apply the sacred laws to their lives. However, both had agreed that the applications, once they understood them, had refashioned and refreshed their lives in amazing ways.

            It was difficult at first for Brandon to learn to let go and let Denise lead him through the exercises. He had always been the one who was in charge in his company and his bedroom. Once he allowed himself to let go of control, he found a new freedom in his body that he had never known. He could breathe deeper and a more relaxed physical body allowed him to enjoy and get to know his spirit/energy body more and more. Before they laid down to stare into the stars, they had shifted both of their Assemblage Points and balanced each other’s charkas. It was one thing to be in the outdoors and tear off your clothes for some type of rapid-fire sex before someone came around and discovered you versus lying on the soft earth on a medicine blanket and staring into the Milky Way after having your “A” point shifted and your charkas balanced. Both Brandon and Denise were a bit timid when they first attempted this exercise, but having grown more comfortable with each other and having developed a total trust in one another, just lying together in the desert produced an ecstatic feeling in both of them. A decade ago, even the thought of doing what they were currently doing, would seem so outlandish as to not merit even a mention in their conversations. Now they were working the energies like cosmic astronauts about to launch into space.

            After they agreed that they were ready to embrace and begin the fire breath, Denise gently moved toward Brandon and wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached down and gently moved his penis up against her inner thigh. He softly moaned and pulled her closer as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

            They instantly felt the heat radiating from each other’s bodies and this warmth enveloped them in a warm blanket of security and safety. The night was silent except for the soft summer breezes and the only sound was the infrequent whistling of the night birds swooping down from the surrounding cliffs as well as the occasional hoot of a distant owl. Because of the seclusion of the canyon, they would hear anyone trying to climb the rocks to even come close to approaching them. They felt safe and secure in the warm embrace of the red rock cliffs. Brandon embraced Denise and buried his face in her soft neck.

            “Ok, let’s begin.” Denise instructed Brandon. “Start slowly and breathe into your first charka. Let it expand and contract into my first charka.”

            Brandon did as she instructed and slowly, but deliberately, breathed into his and Denise’s first charkas. He felt the energy between them begin to merge and become one. They breathed in unison with Denise gently tapping him on the shoulder to tell him when to begin. They would breathe in for a count of 4, hold it for a count of 4, and then exhale for a count of 4. This pace remained for about three minutes and then Denise whispered, “Now go to a count of three.” Eventually, as Denise felt the energy was right, they would increase the breathing until they were rapidly inhaling and exhaling together.

            “Now, go to the second charka,” Denise instructed. They repeated the declining count at this charka until they were trading energy in a rapid fashion. They repeated the process at each charka. When they reached the sixth charka at the third eye, the energy dance overtook them. The warmth that they had felt at the beginning was now a noticeable spiritual fire between them. They continued the breathing with each of them running their Chi in a masterful way into and out of their seventh charka at the top of their head. When Denise felt the pace and energy was right, she instructed Brandon to move his focus to the seventh charka.

            “Now,” Denise breathlessly whispered, “go the seventh charka and out the top of your head.”

            Brandon followed his breath, as he was taught, into and out of the seventh charka at the top of his head. He clung tightly to Denise as she did to him. Their physical bodies moved in unison to the continued breathing together on the desert floor, but their dream bodies had taken flight.

            With very little effort or expectation, Brandon saw himself as a stream of white light intertwined with the same stream of white light that he instinctively knew was the spirit of Denise. They cycled together up and up until they paused together in a dreamscape above the canyon. Brandon looked down and saw two white bubbles of light slowly moving together on the desert floor. The canyon rocks glowed with a purplish electric glow and the desert floor was a bright yellow. He shifted his focus to the surrounding area above the canyon and saw that he was completely engulfed in stars. Denise, her energy body bent backwards in an arching flow, was smiling at him. He reached out for her and she merged into his light. They felt a union unlike they had ever felt before. It was soft, flexible, moveable, unconstrained, totally giving, and the whole and complete definition of love. Suddenly, a full bodily orgiastic feeling engulfed both Brandon and Denise. Brandon could not tell if it was his physical body having an orgasm on the desert floor, their spirit bodies experiencing simultaneously going into orgiastic bliss in the dream state, or both. But unexpectedly the stars surrounding them explode with a flash of sparking light unlike either of them had experienced.

            Suddenly, Brandon found himself back in his physical body and holding onto Denise so tight he was afraid that he might break her. “Breathe, darling,” she responded. “Let all your senses soften and take it all in.”

            Brandon relaxed and tried to find some sense of reality in what had just happened. Denise seemed completely comfortable and unafraid of anything that had just occurred. Brandon looked around the canyon and saw that it was filled with a soft white glow. He momentarily thought there might be a full moon out. There didn’t seem to be any “time” anywhere. It felt as if he were swimming in a pool of warm love from which he never wanted to escape. Denise smiled at him knowingly as he looked at her for reassurance. “What just happened?” Brandon managed to slowly roll the words off his tongue like taffy at the State Fair.

            “Sh-h-h-h-h,” Denise responded. “Just be with it. Don’t try to rationalize it.”

            “But, can you see the white light and are we in a pool of love,” Brandon felt

awkward and unsure of himself.

            “Yes,” responded Denise. “We have tapped into the love of the Mother. She is acknowledging us and sharing her love with us.”

            Brandon laid his head in her soft neck again and buried his consciousness in her warm body. Slowly they began to come back into the awareness of their physical bodies and relate to their surroundings. Brandon pulled his head back and looked at Denise. She had a shining light around her head and a smile as big as the moon on her face. He brought his lips to hers and held the kiss for an eternity.

            He had never felt this type of love and totality of merging into the woman’s space on any level. It was a new situation that he didn’t understand and could not possibly define. He had to remind himself that he hadn’t done any drugs and this had happened naturally. It was a conclusion that he couldn’t completely digest. He pulled Denise closer to him and they fell to the side on the blanket. For maybe half an hour they just laid there holding each other and saying nothing. Brandon felt compelled to speak, but he couldn’t find the words so he just focused on his feeling. HIs body was tingling and more awake than he had ever experienced. Floating in the stars above him now seemed like some strange dream. He could feel the heartbeat of Denise and the thoughts of the rocks surrounding him. They seemed to be telling each other that these humans were some of the strangest humans they had ever seen.

            Brandon suddenly began laughing hysterically. Denise was not the least bit put out by his sudden change of mood. “What?” she gently asked.

            “Alright, I am officially ready for the crazy wagon. I thought that I just heard the rocks talking about us.”

            “What did they say?”

            “They said that we are some of the strangest humans they have ever seen.”

            Denise also broke out in a howling laugh. “Well, at least they speak the truth.”


There is nothing fictional about that story. Only the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent. This is just a small taste of what can occur for you when you align with Organic Intelligence. The planet and the Universe are playgrounds with unlimited boundaries if you will allow yourself the pleasure of purifying your body and educating yourself to the techniques available to teach your body how to tap into these fifth dimensional dreamscapes. Nothing in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Including drugs, will allow you any experience such as the one described above.

There are many different levels and characterizations to the story, but weaponization is certainly a major consideration. You cannot weaponize sex and experience anything close to what “Brandon” and “Denise” experienced in that story. If you weaponize sex, you weaponize everything around you and even things that aren’t around you. Your sexuality is the catalyzing force in your body and it is what births life. Unless you have a direct conscious connection to the dream potentials of your sexuality, both in the physical sense as well as the spiritual sense, your world will continue to be fashioned solely by Artificial Intelligence, which at its core level is artificial life. How you choose to engage with your environment determines the structure and complexity of your world and your dreams.

As long as you continue to weaponize Mother Earth, Organic Intelligence will withdraw from you, deny you these ecstatic experiences, and wait for you to finally leave the planet before it reclaims it. Weaponization must be viewed in a wider perspective than war and political posturing. Weaponization is an attitude and approach to life. It determines the patterns and timing of your ability, or non-ability, to manifest a divine consciousness on this planet that serves your soul. De-weaponization is not something that you have to wait for someone else to cooperate with in order to institute. You can begin on this task yourself by simply changing your attitude and approach to life. If you are addicted to anything, you are weaponizing. If you are weaponizing, someone is going to figure out how to profit from it.


The Original Signature: There is a goal for every soul that all human spirits share. For simplicity sake, let’s call this: “Discovering the Authentic Self.” The Authentic Self is a soul that is complete. A completed soul is one that has moved through the Universal Wheels of Time and Creation to embody complete knowledge of its Original Signature. Once a soul consciously embodies the totality of the Original Signature, it has merged all of its many lifetimes of personal, sacred, planetary and universal dreams into one complete essence of knowing the Everything. The Mayan icon of the snake biting its tail is indicative of this movement.

The moment of the Original Signature: Imagine that there is a large infinite whirling mass of energy that looks like a pinwheel of stars spinning in a clockwise rotation somewhere far out in the center of an infinite Universe. Out of this infinite spinning wheel of energy shoot sparks of light. These sparks move out into space and seek their own destinations and destinies. Through the multidimensional worlds of light and energy, these sparks of light absorb more light, and grow in self-awareness and self-consciousness. Along the way, as they absorb more and more light, they encounter other cluster of atoms. We call this process: gathering knowledge. This knowledge is contained in the alchemical atomic configurations of all of the star systems, planetary bodies, galaxies, and other universal structures. These evolving sparks of light learn that knowledge affects their knowing of the self and helps them to manifest a soul identity. As this soul identity catalyzes itself and this atoms-to-atoms process creates a structure of energy, a consciousness of “be here now” awakens in this growing light configuration of atoms. A magical transformation begins as the soul births the conscious awareness of the self and seeks to understand this consciousness better.

This atom-to-atom merging with knowledge creates a soul that births a spirit. This spirit splits into an atomic pattern that creates nine individual spirit personalities. The nine spirit personalities compose the multifaceted Wheel of Life of this individual soul. The collective consciousness of these nine spirit personalities composes the soul growth direction of the soul and we call this a destiny. The nine spirit personalities dream into this destiny and construct a series of movements (dreams being dreamed) that will build the destiny of the soul and we call these the personal, sacred, planetary and universal dreams. These dreams conspire with one another to function together in order to birth life.

From the moment that the spark of light moves away from this spinning wheel of infinite energy, the journey to discover its identity within its destiny is born. For the gift of life, this spark of energy agrees to return to its Source as a measure of its identity as a completed soul. This Source is called The Greater Intelligence and the moment of the birth of this spark of energy, the soul, is called the Original Signature. The agreement to return to the Greater Intelligence, as a “trade of energy” for the gift of life, is called The Original Signature Agreement. Every soul is connected to the Greater Intelligence by this Agreement.

This Original Signature Agreement is recorded in the DNA, ETA, and RNA of each soul. As the soul matures, the memory recall of this Original Signature Agreement rises to the forefront of the consciousness of the soul. The nine spirit personalities meet in a council to coordinate and choreograph the proper movement within the personal, sacred, planetary, and universal dreams for the soul to mature and become complete. A completed soul, which takes different sparks of light different timelines, dimensions, and light years to accomplish, solidifies the Original Signature Agreement into The Authentic Self. This is what I will call “The Plan.”

Our part of “The Plan”, being that we live on Planet Earth, is that we have to understand how and why this planet contributes to “The Plan” such that we can protect and preserve the aspects of this planet that are critical to the growth of the soul. So far, I think that it is reasonable to say that our attention to these critical aspects has been childish at best. Instead of taking a serious consideration to the well-being of our souls and investigating the questions about how we can nurture our souls during our incarnations on this planet, we have mostly acted like children with regards to our soul’s maturity. Those who have been appointed, or have appointed themselves, to be the guardians and/or teachers of our soul wellness have adopted a “holier than thou” attitude and approach. This attitude and approach, which is mostly based upon dogmatic traditions, has, in some cases, led to sever corruption and abuses beyond the pale. The whole religious/spiritual institutional configurations need to do some serious soul searching and find their connection to Organic Intelligence. Within Organic Intelligence, it is virtually impossible to become caught up in dogmatic tradition because Organic Intelligence is constantly changing and its configuration is based on circular thinking. The linear thinking, Artificially Intellectual based configurations, of our religious and spiritual institutions has led us into becoming servants to Artificial Intelligence and enslaved the masses to the whims of the elite. The historical records of this movement are undeniable. The weaponization of the planet has been the supporting addiction to Artificial Intelligence and without a de-weaponization program for Mother Earth; the pattern of darkness and victimhood will persist.

The first step to de-weaponization is in the arena of sexual education. The “talk” needs to be moved out of simpleton body mechanics and “stork” mentality and into a serious examination of how our spirit figures into our sexual union. The story of Brandon and Denise is a microcosmic description of the macroscopic journey of the soul and this form of dreaming is a sacrosanct method of staying on your soul’s destiny course. The preparation of the human body and spirit through a ritual purification process must move to the forefront of our priorities. The detailing of the body’s spiritual mechanics should be the first step towards educating future generations about how to reclaim the rights to their journey of discovering their individual soul destiny.

            The institutionalization of the education of the public to the benefits of Organic Intelligence will have to occur through private equity capital because the political, social, religious, and cultural bias is so strong in support of Artificial Intelligence that it would virtually be impossible to appeal to any aspect of the public domain for financial support. At least, at this point, I am guessing.

That being said, a functional educational program of Organic Intelligence is also about as grassroots as it gets. There already are programs in place that provide alternative lifestyles geared to a more spiritual consciousness in place all over the globe. In fact, this may be the fastest growing, non-consumer, non-Artificial Intelligence agenda on the planet. There are yoga and legitimate massage storefronts in towns in Mexico that I would have never imagined possible ten years ago. There are multiple media outlets and marketing web sites offering all types of alternative lifestyle health-oriented classes and products. There are workshops, spas, retreats, health oriented intensive orientations, and all types of “new age” marketing devices all over the place. What is missing is the natural, conscious connection to the pure, unadulterated engagement to the alchemical world of Organic Intelligence.

The first wave, if I can refer to present day circumstances as this, for the Fifth World would naturally have to be introductory by natural selection. There is no way that anyone, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves and others that their ego is not involved, can hope to master an in-depth energetic connection to Mother Earth and, by default, Organic Intelligence without first making some learning curve mistakes. I have made them; people that I know whom I consider to be “certified Organic Intelligence Specialists” have made them. It just is how it is on this planet of evolution for the soul. What is considered advanced now will be seen as very elementary and basic in the future. It is how we grow.

While on the topic of first wave and Organic Intelligence, it is incumbent upon me to address the rising popularity of marijuana. I lived in Northern California for over eight years and no one needs to try and educate me about smoking weed. I also dropped it in favor of developing my spiritual self and seeking to know Organic Intelligence better. I have also had many friends who smoked and were convinced that they were very much in touch with Mother Earth. They were not. Marijuana is a portal of opportunity, but not a means to an end. Now that the purveyors of Artificial Intelligence possess it, it has become even more obtuse and useless. Of course, you are never going to be able to convince the self-righteous smokers of weed that they are not really in touch with their spiritual self. And, I suppose, based on my experience, it did allow me to open myself to broader horizons than I might have considered without it. However, it must be dropped before you can approach Organic Intelligence and have it accept you. It is called Intelligence for a reason. An Organic Intelligence, or shall we say, an Organic Consciousness, will not accept a false idol. If you are smoking weed and trying to practice spirituality, you are a worshiper of false idols and you always will be.

In the business world, we often talk about “windows of opportunity.”  These are seen as portals of opportunity that present themselves and may or may not be around for a definite period of time. With the rapid rise in technology and personal computers, in addition to the mobile phones and all the rest of the widgets, people are just now beginning to recognize the cost to them in their personal lives and social abilities. Some countries, like South Korea, have established companies to help people with technology addictions. Founders of some of the largest tech industrial giants in America are trying to come out and disclose the addictive patterns and specific brain wave targeting that the industrial giants are employing to sell their wares. The political landscape has been turned upside down with the realization that four fat guys with diet drinks and pizza can sit in their lairs in wherever country, publish false narratives to the Artificial Intelligence addicts, and affect governance at all levels. Personal identities and financial information are being stolen at impossible to comprehend levels. The wolf is at the door.

Some of the big tech titans are trying to solve this Artificial Intelligence implosion with more Artificial Intelligence. Save your money, boys and girls, it’s not going to work. If something is out of balance, the solution is that you have to balance it. The thesis of this book is to try and get everyone to understand that the climate on this planet is not conducive to the well-being of our souls and the whole purpose of coming to this planet is to develop and mature our souls. So, there is a situation where being out of balance is pandemic and compounding at an astounding rate. The window of opportunity here is that the massive capital banks of the technological giants need to be tapped to bring forward an educational process for Organic Intelligence. The education of how to heal and maintain our souls, while allowing the advancement of our technological lives to continue, will serve as the foundation for balance. There is a clear and present danger that the structures which technology depends upon to survive could be in the process of breaking down. Others structures and systems of this planet, which are paying the price for too much worship of mammon and Artificial intelligence, are currently experiencing the initial effects of implosion. From the gigantic coral reefs of the South Pacific to the massive plastic waste piles in the center of the ocean, from the inequalities of global wealth to the killers in the school classrooms, from the child molesting priests to the massive migration from the religious institutions, ad-infinitum and ad nauseam, we are experiencing a massive shift in the human condition. We can learn that we need to pay attention to our souls now or we can wait until later. I think that the degree of human suffering built into that equation will depend upon how fast we can be proactive towards establishing real and productive educational institutions to build up our awareness and integration of our souls with Organic Intelligence. I suggest that the tech giants come to the forefront and begin immediately working to allocate capital to the establishment of, preservation of, and maintenance of a program as described herein.

We can start with those who live with Organic Intelligence, the indigenous peoples, and support them in educating the younger ones with their knowledge. We can begin purchasing large swaths of property, similar to Patagonia, and dedicating it in a Conservatory category to Organic intelligence.  We can look into the established groups who foster a working relationship with Mother Earth and see if they can expand their programs to meet the immediate demand. There are thousands and thousands of spirit councils ready and willing to assist in this program if you will display a wiling intent and a good heart. We should get started tomorrow.